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Glass Knight Opera

We were very pleased to be heavily involved in the Glass Knight Opera that our children took part in last Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon.
For most of the children, it was their first experience of opera and their participation in such an exciting and engaging venture has certainly brought the world of opera alive for them in a memorable and dynamic way. 
The organisation and planning of The Glass Knight project from the first trip to see The Marriage of Figaro at The Royal Opera House in London to the final performance at Saffron Hall has been outstanding. The teaching staff and everyone at Saffron Hall have always communicated with the children in a friendly, professional and positive manner never missing an opportunity to build them up and encourage them, whether for their singing, acting or behavior.  
We have also received very positive feedback from all the parents who watched the performances. In short, we have some wonderful memories to treasure and do feel privileged to have been involved in this special community arts event.