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Girl's Grab Victory in Cricket Tournament

On Friday 6th June 2014 KSJS girls cricket team went down to the Saffron Walden cricket club to play in a tournament.  Our first match was against RAB B, unfortunately they won the toss (but that's all they won!) and choose to field first.

The first batting pair was Amelie and Skye getting 20 runs and 1 wicket. Next were Sydney and Kate getting 8 runs, and then Malwina and Rose received 12 runs and one wicket. The Final batting pair was Caitlin and Rebekah getting 7 runs and 1 wicket.  

Then it was time for us to bowl, first up to bowl was Caitlin and Amelie getting 1 wicket and only letting them get 6 runs, then Sydney and Malwina getting another wicket, Rose and Kate scoring 2 wickets the final pair was Skye and Rebekah.

The end score was KSJS getting 232 runs and RAB getting 212 runs leading KSJ to victory.  Our next game was against Radwinter. Winning the toss, we picked to field, the bowling pairs were Rebekah and Skye, Malwina and Caitlin, Cayla and Sydney and Ellie and Amelie getting three wickets altogether.  Next it was our turn to bat the batting pairs were Cayla and Skye getting 22 runs, Amelie and Ellie getting 19 runs, Caitlin and Sydney getting 18 and finally Malwina and Rebekah also with 18. The final result was KSJ: 257 and Radwinter: 230 leading KSJ to another victory.

Our final game was against ST Thomas More. The toss was won by STM and they decided to field first. The batting pair started with Rebekah and Rose getting 6 runs, then Malwina and Sydney receiving 11 and then Caitlin and Ellie finishing with 16 and the final pair was Cayla and Kate getting 24.   Then we had to field/ bowl. The pairs were Amelie and Ellie, Caitlin and Malwina getting one wicket, Sydney and Rose with one wicket and Kate and Rebekah getting 1 wicket. The end score was KSJ: 234 and STM: 246. Unluckily ST Thomas More won by just 12 runs.  

Then it was time for the results. In pool 4 RAB A won their group and in pool 3…….. KSJ won!   We would like to thank Mr Warwick and Mr Snelling for teaching us, Mr Snelling and Mrs Barkers supporting us and all the other schools for playing against us.