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Flame Robins at Forest School

It was the final Forest School session for Year 3 (and of 2018), in the lovely Radwinter ‘forest.’ After a busy morning spent in rehearsals for the Christmas production, an afternoon in the Forest was even more popular than usual!

Activities included den building, wood whittling, flint knapping, fire building and rides on the rope swing. As it was their last session, Flame Robins confidently assumed that there would be marshmallows to toast. Unfortunately, no one had suggested that when Mr Webb had asked them what they would like to do in their last session! However, the widespread disappointment was only temporary because Mr Webb had an even better plan… to make ‘pizza wraps’!  As you can see from the photos, these were very popular and several children said they were going to make them at home and maybe try a sweet version with chocolate and fruit..!

Thank you again for all the parent volunteers. We have had lots of parents helping at each of the Year 3 sessions this term – it makes such a difference and the children absolutely love their parents being there.  Thank you… we really can’t do Forest Schools without you!