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Ernie Brown Meets Dame Ellen MacArthur

On 9th January Ernie Brown from Class 5RW and his family were invited to London to the launch of Round Britain 2017 with Ellen MacArthur.  It started with a press launch at the Musto Offices in St Katherines Dock, where Ernie got to meet one of their senior graphic clothing designers - he talked to Ernie and Ernie shared his thoughts, so Dan kindly went and got some T shirt templates and Ernie got to draw his own design for the trusts clothing and discuss this in detail with Dan. Photos were taken here with Dame Ellen by the press. 

Then it was on to the boat show. Ernie got to go on stage with Ellen and ended up stealing the show a bit (in true Ernie style). Then it was on to some huge yachts for group photos and one to one photos with Ellen. Next Ernie went to Westminster Palace for a reception with MP’s - Sir Alan Haselhurst came along and Ernie was great at talking to him as well as lots of other important grown ups. Ernie got to spend lots of time with Ellen and had long chats with her about sailing and all kinds of things, as well as meeting some very inspirational young adults who had cancer and are crewing the yacht around the UK.


Here is the link to the trust launch video, with more information about the trip:


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