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Eco-Club Update

Eco Club Week 8

Dear Eco club,

We would like to say a big well done and thankyou for making our last term
at KSJS enjoyable. We would like to still be involved with the eco club
even though we will be at SWCHS. Just a reminder of the things you have
done in eco club... (Long list!)

* Cleaned Up
* Found a path
* Discovered a basket
* Saved a frog
* Brought new wildlife into the area
* Building bird houses
* Planted vegetables and flowers and plants
* Weeding

and most importantly we have had fun! A massive thank you to Mr. Wallace,
Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Moy (And the 'MAN' fork!) Thank you so much for having
us in the eco club. Good luck for the future!


Lucy, Jess and Nicole



Eco Club - Week 4

This week in eco club we carried on tidying up the wildlife area and started to weed the forest.

Not only did we continue that, we continued filling the compost bin and it had even started to compost at the bottom.

As we were digging weeds out, we found more of the battered mysterious path at both ends of the wildlife area.

As we were cutting back the dead branches, we discovered some pond life…

Mr Wallace's 'man fork' struck again by digging up stinging nettle bushes.

We will continue updating you with pictures of our ‘clean up team’ and a weekly report.

 By Jessica J and Nicole C.

Eco Club~ Week 2

 This week at eco club, we have begun to clean up the wildlife area. Not only did we clear up rubbish, we also discovered a path under the mud and soil.

 All year groups were involved in the clean up and managed to fill the compost bin at least twice.

 Mr Wallace and his ‘man’ fork was incredibly helpful to the wildlife area as he was moving waste and helping to discover the old battered path.

 Next week the eco club will be back in the wildlife area and we will keep you posted each week with information and pictures of the wildlife area and its ‘clean up’ team.

 By Lucy G, Nicole C and Jessica J.

20th May 2010

This term, children and staff at Katherine Semar Juniors are going green and are looking to transform the school's environment. The aim is to rejuvenate the wildlife area and create a sustainable area where we can grown fruits and vegetables. Here are a selection of pictures that we took before our project begins! 

Please keep checking this page for news and photo updates.