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Cricket Match Report

On the 8th May 2013, KSJ played Dame Bradbury’s in a cricket match. We got up to an unfortunate start with us batting first. Luhan and Alix batting for us first. We had a good start with 8 runs in the 1st over. Unfortunately they got minus points in the 2nd over. They ended up on 197 runs.

The 2nd batting pair was Nathan and Malwina. Nathan hit some magnificent 6s for us. At the end of the over we were on 215 runs. Unfortunately Malwina got out a couple of times because they were great bowlers. As the end to there pair overs, came they ended up on 212.

Freddie and Bradley Jones were the 3rd pair to bat for us. Luckily they got some 4s but then they had some outs. At the end over there over’s they were on 213.

Next was Archie and Liam who hit some 6s and 4s which boosted up our score. We also got an out which didn’t help us at all. At the end of our over we were on 236.

Finally our last pair were Anton and Toby. They had a lot of 6s and 4s as well. They also had a good round to put us on a good 251.

Unfortunately Dame Bradbury’s ended up on 392 runs.

We would like to thank Mr. Hull for umpiring, Mr. Warwick for coming to support us and all our parents for coming to encourage us.