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This website is owned and run by Katherine Semar Schools.

All images and text are owned by Katherine Semar Schools and the Schools hereby claims Copyright over the complete contents of this website, with the exceptions stated below.  If you wish to use an image you must obtain permission from the School.


Images of children


The Schools operate an opt-out system where parents may ask for images of their children not to be displayed on the website.  During term time, requests for removal of images may take up to a week to be processed from the time they are received at the school office.  Out of term time, requests may take longer.  Removal means that the face of the child will no longer be shown, either by deleting the entire picture from the website or by digitally masking the face of the child in question, if the face is smaller.

If, as a parent/guardian, you wish to make such a request, please contact the school office with the name of the page that the image appears on, this is the last part of the address of the page.  This will help us find the image more quickly.



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