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Code Club finished the term with a very exciting visit from Mr Lingley,  father of Isobel and Charlotte in the Juniors and Alexandra in the Infants.  Mr Lingley works for Microsoft and shared some fascinating information about some of the company's latest developments.  The Code Club pupils were a very enthusiastic audience and asked some interesting questions.  They got to try out an awesome app that we can't tell you about yet (!) and Mr Lingley has kindly provided them with a digital version of their work, along with Microsoft goodies.

One Code Club member, Dan, said, "The visit was inspiring and I'm looking forward to this new technology coming out.  I am thinking about being a coder when I grow up, but now I know I don't need a degree in Coding - you can do a whole range of degrees from sociology to  physics to work in the coding industry."

A big thank you to Mr Lingley - it was great to hear that with some hard work, it is possible to work in an industry that is such fun!