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China Visit Update

On Friday 11th November, Mr Hull few to Beijing to meet up with our partner school in Beijing.
Katherine Semar School and RDFZ Chaoyang Primary School, formed a link earlier this year and the meeting was to help prepare for a visit of 30 Chinese students to Katherine Semar next year.
The school has secured the funding for the visit, but needs approval from the ministry, which has quotas on the number of teachers who may go on foreign visits. This means that the school is all ready to visit the UK, but can’t yet give a date for their visit.
Mr Hull observed an English lesson and a Music lesson, both of which were very similar in style to how we teach in England. The difference between RDFZ Chaoyang Primary School and the other Chinese schools was stark.
RDFZ Chaoyang Primary School is the primary school run by Beijing University, and because of this, their pedagogy is cutting edge, and much more like the teaching we see at Katherine Semar.
Watching the children do their morning drill and completing their eye exercises was very interesting, but the warmth of the teachers and pupils to each other was wonderful to see.
After touring the school and watching lessons, Mr Hull spent the afternoon planning activities that pupils at Katherine Semar and RDFZ Chaoyang Primary School can do to develop friendships between the schools.