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China Schools Visit

The first day of my visit to China took me to two primary schools.

The first, Miduqiqiao Primary School is located in the centre of Changzhou, a city in the south of China. I was welcomed in the flag raising ceremony and gave a speech to the 3,000 pupils that attend the school.

After that, I observed an art lesson and a music lesson and took a tour of the school.

The children told me about the history of the school (175 years old) and even showed me the original classroom, which is now their museum. The children were very happy to meet me and would like to have friends from England to write and chat to.


The second school, also in Changzhou, was called Juqianjie Primary School. The children performed a welcoming ceremony, showing off their dance, singing and art skills. I took part in a cookery lesson, where the children made dumplings. I even had a go myself.


After a tour of the school, I talked to the Principal on how our schools could work together.


It was wonderful seeing how the schools work. Although there are many differences, there are also many similarities. I look forward to telling you more on my return.