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Chicken week has arrived! Find out more...

Monday 25th April - Day 50

A lot of work has been carried out in the wildlife area. A fence has been erected and trees pruned to house our birds. Thank you to Ace Kids Club for paying for the work to be carried out.
The birds were getting too big to stay indoors, so on Friday they moved outside. The same routines of feeding, cleaning and caring for the birds carries on, but now they are cooped up each evening to avoid the unwanted attention of foxes.

The PTA has generously paid for a second coop, a water feeder, grain feeder and a storage bin for the birds too, so now they have almost everything they needs.

The chickens looks lovely in their new surroundings, living as they should, outdoors. Please enjoy the photos.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Friday 8th April - Day 33

Our chickens are growing up!  After the Easter holidays they will move to their new home in the wildlife area. 

We are setting up a timetable for our children (with a parent) to visit the school during the weekends to feed the chickens and collect their eggs (once they start laying.)

We have 14 families that have shown an interest in looking after the chickens so far, so if we get 20 families on our rota, then it will be a once a month commitment.

Full training will be provided before you start!

If you would like to be considered for feeding the chickens please complete the slip below.  If your child has already given a note to school, you do not need to resubmit the form.



Reply slip for helping to look after the chickens


I / We the parent/s of ____________________________ in class_________


are happy to be timetabled into the chicken feeding rota.



Picture 1
Thursday 24th March - Day 18

The chicks had some rather young visitors today. Children from the nursery came to see the chicks.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Monday 21st March - Day 15

The male chicks have gone. Swapped for females when the chicken company came to collect their incubators. The swap means that we now have 20 females. Perfect for egg laying.
The females we received are about a week older than ours and they are much louder!
All the chicks have been moved into the coop, which is in the Art room.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Chicken Update - Friday 18th March - Day 12

Our 19 chickens have moved out of the brooder boxes and into the coop. Located in the art room, they are growing in size. Each day they are being visited by the children who are taking over the feeding and welfare responsibilities.

Enjoy the new photos.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
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Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Friday 11th March - Day 5

Five new chicks - all of whom need naming! Something that can be done next week. There were a few new male birds, making 7 males and 12 females altogether. One of the new birds came extremely late in the day, and at one point we wondered if she would make it at all.
Over the weekend the chickens are being looked after by Mr Hull and his family and they will be back at school on Monday morning.

Thursday 10th March - Day 4

Many more birds hatched through the night, and on arrival at school the children found 11 chickens. The brooders were set up and the lights turned on, and those birds ready to make the move were carefully handled, by the children, into their new home.

As the hours passed, news circulated the school each time another chick hatched. By the time the children left there were 13. By the time the teachers left there were 14.

Each class named a chicken today. They are:

Wallace (Male); 
Lenny (Male); 
Kate (Female); 
William (Male and named by 6AH); 
Bob (Male and named by 6NL); 
Fuzzy (Female and named by 5CG); 
Fizz (Female and named by 5JA); 
Hope (Female and named by 4AW); 
Rosebud (Female and named by 3CW); 
Peggy (Female and named by 3LW); 
Margot (Female and named the the teachers); 
David Peckham (Female and named by Mrs. Long); 
Milly (Female and named by Mrs. Callaghan)
Splash (Female)

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Wednesday 9th March - Day 3

On arrival at school this morning, the teachers were delighted to see that an egg had just hatched. As Mr. Wallace saw him first, he was named Wallace. A male bird, he was soon drying off and fluffing up.

Other eggs were pipping, and during Art Club, the second chick, another male, was born. This was named Lenny, as it's the beginning of lent today. As the last parents were seeing Mr. Hull for their parent appointments, a third chick hatched. A female this time, she was named Kate (as we have a royal wedding soon!)

Tonight, more may be born!


Tuesday 8th March - Day 2

The eggs are rolling a little more today. Everyone has been busy making excuses (eggcuses) to walk through the Art room to see what's going on. Although we know there's two days until hatching, we're keen to see some progress with the eggs. By lunchtime, pupils reported hearing cheeping from inside the eggs.

The Coop, bought by Ace Kids Club, has arrived and Mr Hull and Mrs Sault erected it and placed it in the Art room.
The chicks will have to live indoors for a while, so we hope they'll become tame. We must all handle them a lot.


Monday 7th March -Day 1

The eggs have arrived! Bought by a kind lady. All the equipment needed for the chicken adventure is here too. 
Twenty eggs, each laid 18 days ago are here. As you probably know, fertilized eggs take 21 days before they hatch, so about three days to go..!
The eggs are just sitting there, at 36 degrees. Some of the children have seen then roll and move about a little although others have watched and seen nothing.