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Bournemouth Residential Visit

October 2007

Please enjoy our recounts of our four day Educational Visit to Bournemouth.


 Day 1

 A long coach journey, we arrived at the D-Day museum at long last. We learnt a lot, but the dummies were too creepy!

We arrived at the hotel and found out which rooms we had for the next few days. We decided our which beds we would have. Mrs. Long was on our floor. Every night she called us out and we played 21 cards and then went to bed. Jess had her 1st ever soup on that day. The food was gorgeous and we really enjoyed it and it was a 3 course one.


 Day 2

 Mrs Long came in and said “Good morning, good morning, good morning” she said it was because there were 3 of us in that room. Tam snored a lot at night, but we still slept a bit. We got dressed and went down for breakfast. We had our breakfast, it was sausages and egg. Jess had just sausages and Yining just had egg.

We went to get ready to go and we were allowed to watch TV.

 Later, we got on the coach and went to Corfe Castle model village. It was incredible. It showed what the village used to look like. They had little trees and people and animals. It must have taken forever to make. All the little houses were really cute.

 Afterwards, we went to the Swanage railway, we got on the train and met our guard. He was called Bob (Robert). We went through a lot of tunnels but they were very small. The train seats were worn out and battered but were very springy!

 Then we went back to the hotel for a bit, then walked down to the beach. We ate lunch there and then everybody took place in a sandcastle contest. Yining and I made our own Sandcastle and it got big, but we were on our own.

 After lunch we went to the aquarium.  It was really cool with all the different fish. There were sting rays and sharks too.  Everyone took lots of pictures.

 When we went back to the hotel we did a quiz about Bournemouth and CBeebies!!! We had our dinner and secretly played 21 cards. Then we went to bed. 

Day 3


 Mrs. Long said “Good morning, good morning, good morning” We had breakfast.

We went up to our rooms to get ready for Longleat house and safari park.

When we finally arrived we visited the house-it was really ancient and aristocratic. The house was split into three different parts. One part was where Lord Bath (Present owner of the house) lived with Lady Bath. There were the two other places we looked round. There was a room with all the clothes they might wear. Some of which were worn at coronations.

Later we arrived at the minstrel’s gallery and Yining played on Lord Bath’s piano! It was amazing looking round the house that we’d seen on TV. We then looked round the shop and there allsorts. There were cuddly toys and we each brought one. Jess got a white tiger and Yining got a giraffe. There were souvenirs of all kinds.

After we made our way to the coach and picked up our lunch. After we were filled up we went to the safari. We drove through the tigers, lions, wolves and our favourites the monkeys. They were really cheeky and kept trying to take things off the coach.  The car behind us lost their Ariel!!! Later we made our way back to the hotel. We had dinner then went bowling. Neither of us won but we had a great time.

We went back to the hotel and went to bed. Oh we played our last game of 21 cards before bed.


 Day 4(the final day)

 We did the normal routine with Mrs Long and breakfast. We went to Corfe castle and it was really entertaining. Our guide (Jessie) told us loads of gross stories. One was:

 The two pillars

 There are two pillars around today. One stands slightly lower than the other; it used to be the same though this is how it happened:

 In a time before King John owned Corfe it was owned by a man and his wife. The man ran away and was never heard of. The wife was left with her children with no money and eventually it was taken over by King John. He ordered all his soldiers to dig tunnels under all castle. They then filled the tunnels with gunpowder, and half the castle was ruined. On the blowing up of the lower pillar. Two men were under when they blew up the pillar. But unfortunately, the gunpowder went off too quickly. The pillar flew up into the air and came flying down at the men. It killed them and they are probably still under there.

 Another story was: How King John died

 Who would know that your favourite food and drink could kill you? Well, King John died because of them.

He was eating his favourite dried apricots. When, he’d eaten about 60 apricots. Then, he felt thirsty. So he drank about 6 pints of cider. Meanwhile, in his stomach all the apricots were enjoying this and took up their chance. They absorbed all the cider and grew and grew and grew till there was no space left in the stomach and then…

He EXPLODED!!! So that’s how he died…  

The dungeons 

King John was a nasty man who came to a fatal end. But he owned a dungeon in Corfe castle. If someone disagreed or did something that he disagreed with. You’d be thrown into his dungeons. The dungeon was a room that went down low and you couldn’t get out. They would not feed you and they wouldn’t come to get you out. One day a women and her boy were thrown in when fetched out they were examined and apparently the women started to eat her boys cheek because she was so hungry.

 After being totally grossed out we decided to go home.


Yining and Jessica


The Journey

7:30 Travel to Bournemouth We had lots of fun talking.

12:30 D-Day Museum It was very interesting especially the boat car.

16:00 The Hotel Are beds were comfortable and we even had a T.V.

 19:30 Night walk we walked on the beach even though it was chucking it with rain.


 Day 2

The Hotel wake up

8:00 We went down to breakfast, the food was very nice.

Corfe castle model village

9:30 We walked around Bournemouth’s Corfe castle model village.

10:30 Swanage railway On the train we sat on the train with Chloe and Jade we were very fascinated in the journey.

13:30 Bournemouth aquarium There was lots of fish including starfish, shark, stingray, turtle and catfish etc.

 15:45 Beach-sand castle On the beach we made a sandcastle that was taller than Edward, it was GARGANTIUM!

19:00 Quiz The quiz was tedious except learning the names of the people in the night garden.


Day 3

 6:30 wake up  we had a shower, and then went down stairs to breakfast the food was scrumptious.

7:30 Longleat Safari Park we saw lots of animals including, monkeys, flamingos, tigers etc.

19:45 Bowling We played bowling and I scored 89 (Charlie S) and I scored 69 (Bradley).


Day 4 

Corfe castle 9:00 We got a tour of Corfe castle we were very lucky.

Journey back 3:00 We are happy to say we had a secure and relaxing journey thank you to the driver Graham.

 By Bradley and Charlie


Bournemouth Report


 Day 1

 The journey from school to Bournemouth took us about 5 hours.

      We arrived at Portsmouth at the D-Day Museum at 12:00. First we had lunch near the sea. After lunch we went to see a 15 minute film about the D-Day landings. Next we saw admired and answered questions about the overlord embroidery. We then explored some of the equipment used in the D-Day landings.

       At 4:00 we arrived at the Mount Stuart Hotel. The facilities were brilliant! Our rooms were superb! We had comfy beds, a pleasant bathroom and a TV. After dinner we went for an evening walk, even though it was chucking it down with rain. But we still had fun.


 Day 2

After we woke up and had breakfast we travelled to the ferry port, the ferry took us to Corfe. From there we went to the Corfe Castle model village, we took turns to be placed in the pillories (stocks). Meanwhile, other children gazed at the wonderful sights around them. Following on, we journeyed to Nordon railway station and also took a ride on the train and headed for Swanage station. Then we went back to the hotel to prepare for the trip to the oceanarium. We saw plenty of tropical fish and various types of local fish. Following on, we strolled to the beach.

On the beach we had a sandcastle building competition, one of the sandcastles was nearly 1m tall. When we got back we went to the lounge to have a 20 question evening quiz, about some of the things we had seen so far.


 Day 3

 The next day, we were woken up annoyingly early by the teachers because we ahad to get to Longleat Safari Park. We got a tour of the magnificent house that was built in the 17th Century. About an hour after the tour we took off for the safari park, it was great fun watching

the monkeys mucking around! When we got back we got changed to go bowling. It was fantastic! Jade J got the highest score, scoring a whopping 101 points.


 Day 4

 That morning we went to Corfe castle, they took us on a tour around the remains of the castle. It was really interesting. After lunch we took the journey back home.


Oliver E.