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Bhaktivedanta Manor

On Wednesday 11th March, Year 4 travelled to Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu Temple. After an early start, a ride in a luxurious double decker coach and a short snack stop, we were greeted by our guides.

In class groups, we had the opportunity to share our knowledge of Hinduism (of which they were very impressed), list to other stories and facts about Hinduism and take part in a festival celebrating the Gods. Some of us got to dress up as Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

As well as that, we got to ride on a cart pulled by oxen to see the farm they have on sight. At Bhaktivedanta Manor, the Hindus try to be self-sufficient so they grow their own fruits and vegetables and milk the cows by hand. We were allowed to feed and pat the friendly cows before our cart ride back to the temple.

The morning finished with a short tour of the gardens and grounds and an opportunity to dress up as Hindu warriors or as princesses in beautiful saris. We wore these outfits to visit the Hindu shrine where we watched a ceremony being held.

By then, the highly anticipated lunch of homemade curry, with paneer cheese made from the cows milked on sight, was served- as well as a large portion of chips and freshly baked cookies. There were lots of empty plates, even after seconds were served!

The afternoon consisted of having our faces painted with Hindu patterns and a visit to the souvenir shop before our journey home.

A lovely day was had by all.

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