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Bethany’s Judo victory for KSJ

Bethany’s Judo victory for KSJ


It was the 28th of February and I was pumped and a bit nervous as I was heading towards a Judo competition (Dacorum Police Championships at Berkhamsted)

          I weighed in at 29.5kg making the lightest weight of  U-32kg catagory.

          As I was eventually called up to fight- I felt ready and prepared. I came out aggressive but foolishly made a simple mistake but luckily I held down the girl I was fighting which won me the fight.

          Before I went out to fight the next girl, my coach spoke to me and prepared me for the next fight I went out and…BANG! The girl was slammed into the mat and I won again I was in the final! I was on fire that day!

          The final finally came me and a girl, I had came across before, both wanting the gold medal we were ready…I finished the match with my signature move (translated as: stomach throw) - I had won gold.

 Bethany (Year 6)

Footnote: Bethany was seriously out-sized and out-weighed by her opponents and yet dominated all three fights winning by ippon (the maximum score) each time.