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An Interview with Mrs. Taylor

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We sent two intrepid members of the school website team to interview Mrs. Taylor. Find out what they learnt here... May 2012


Mrs Taylor’s interview


1.   What do you like best about the school?


I like the way that we teach because we do lots of fun things with the children.


2.   What is your favourite subject you teach?


It would have to be all of the subjects because they are all different and all just as good.



3.   If there was one thing you could change about the school, what would it be?


The weather because it would be nice to go outside and do more lessons outside. But I don’t have super powers so I can’t change it.


4.   If you could teach any class which one would it be?


Year 5, because I haven’t been able to teach them yet.


5.   How long have you been a teacher for?


This is my fifth year teaching.


6.   Has it always been your occupation to be a teacher?


After University I went straight to being a teacher.


7.   What subjects did you take in University?


I took an education degree – that is learning how to be a teacher. I also did P.E.


8.   Are you still good at P.E / Do you still like P.E?


Yes I do. I like keeping fit.


9.   What was your scariest moment?


When I was a Thorpe Park, I went on 'Stealth' and 'Saw' and they were really scary..!


10.               Have you ever done anything out of the ordinary?


I went to Thailand for my honeymoon and I think that’s pretty extraordinary!


 Interviewed by Hanri and Matilda