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An Interview with Mrs. Sheil

Mrs. Sheil has been teaching in and around Saffron Walden for over thirty years. She currently teaches Year 5 and is responsible for P.S.H.E. and the School Council.


US: Are you ready for your interview?

Mrs. Sheil: Yes


US: What music are you into?

Mrs. Sheil: All types of music basically.


US: Do you have a husband, if so what is his name?

Mrs. Sheil: Yes, his name is Denis


US: What is your favourite colour?

Mrs. Sheil:  All sorts of the colour Blue.


US: Do you have any kids, if so how many and what are there names?

Mrs. Sheil: I have one daughter called Anna she is 27 and is getting married next year.


US: Do you have any pets, if so how many and what are there names?

Mrs. Sheil: I don’t have any pets but I have 6 ponds which contain many fish.


US: What would your dream class be?

Mrs. Sheil: I feel that every single class I teach is a dream class.


US: What is it like working at Katherine Semar Junior School?

Mrs. Sheil: I find that the children are very friendly and the teachers work together like a big team, they also seem like they know each other well.


US: If you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?

Mrs. Sheil: I would build a house on my field (guess what; I already have the plans for it!) I would also give money to all my family (including my brothers!)


US: If you could go any where on holiday where would you go?

Mrs. Sheil: I would go to Norway, Ireland or Switzerland.


US: What was the most weirdly eventful thing you have ever done?

Mrs. Sheil: Going Parasending (where you attach a parachute to a Range Rover and fly up in the air) with my Ranger Guides because I was their leader!


This interview was done by Michelle and Keely.

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