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An Interview with Mrs. Long

Mrs Long is the longest serving member of staff at Katherine Semar. She is the Office Manager.


Us:  So how long have you worked here?
Mrs. Long:  I have worked here 25 years.

US: So since it was built?
Mrs. Long:  No, who told you that?
US: Mr Hull.
Mrs. Long:  Well he was wrong.

US: Tell us about your travels!
Mrs. Long:  You won't have enough space for them all. But I can tell you that I lived in Iran for 4 years. I also enjoyed going to India 2 years ago. I have travelled nearly everywhere in the entire world.

US: Have you had any embarrassing moments?
Mrs. Long:  Ha, LOADS! I can't tell you them all but one of my minor ones was when a new pupil called Robyn came to the school and I put her under the boys list!

US: Did you enjoy directing Semar Player's Pinocchio? What did you like about it?
Mrs. Long:  I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed it because I got my own picture of it.

US: Did you have any previous jobs? What were they?
Mrs. Long:  When I was in Iran I taught Italian kids English. I enjoyed that. Before that, I was an assistant buyer for clothes.

US: What would you buy £1 million?
Mrs. Long:  I would travel more. Even though I do that a lot already.

US: Do you believe that there is any other living thing in a solar system?

Mrs. Long:  There has got to be life out there. Maybe not aliens though! I don't believe in E.T!
US: Have you had any weird or wacky experiences E.G.: Seen ghosts? What were they?
Mrs. Long:  I haven't seen any ghosts so I can't answer that! I just look in the
mirror every morning, that's ghostly enough!

US: This is a random you like travelling on Public Transport?
Mrs. Long:  I travel on Public Transport all the time in my travels!

US: Are you ever going to resign from working at K.S.J.S? Or will you just keep working until you retire?
Mrs. Long:  I will work for as long as I enjoy my job here.

US: Thank you Mrs Long for letting us interview you!

By Jess and Zoe.