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An Interview with Mrs. Graham

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Us: What is your favourite hobby?

Mrs. Graham: One of my favourite things is walking my dogs, watching football (my favourite team is Sheffield Wednesday), going to the cinema and out to eat!


Us: What are your favourite sports?

Mrs. Graham: My favourite sports to do are horse riding and watching football (a lot.)


Us: Why do you like watching football?

Mrs. Graham: When I was six years old  my Dad took me to a football game at Sheffield Wednesday and after that he took me to like every home game and for about 12 years I went to every game we had.


Us: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to your dogs?

Mrs. Graham: When I played a game with Bear and I accidentally stood on his paw and then he trod on my foot. Plus he loves watching TV!

Us: What books do you enjoy reading?


Mrs. Graham : I enjoy reading every book but mostly fiction. I also love Roald Dahl I love romantic stories as well!

Us: w hats your favourite movie you’ve seen at the cinema?


Mrs. Graham:  I love all films and I recently saw bridesmaids and I loved that.

Us: What other jobs have you had?


Mrs. Graham: Um when I left University I went to live in Dubai for a few years  to be an air hostess and I’ve been in financial services and I’ve done bar working as well.


Us: Do you enjoy working at KSJS?

Mrs. Graham: I love working at KSJS, but before I worked at KSJS I worked at another primary school but I love KSJS and the pupils and it’s an amazing school.


Us : What is your favourite subject that you teach?

Mrs. Graham: No contest ,obviously Literacy.


Us: What is the most embarrassing thing you have done?

Mrs. Graham: Loads of things but the one that sticks out the most is another football link, we had very special seats on the first row and I was eating a Mars bar and I forgot to pull my seat down when I  began to sit down .However, I sat on the floor and it was obvious that I fell because I was on the front row!



By Elliott R and Callum M