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An interview with Mrs. Deller

Us:   Do you enjoy teaching here if so why?


Mrs Deller:  Yes because I love teaching all of the lovely pupils.


Us:  Have you ever taught at another school?


Mrs Deller:  Yes I have taught at another school it was St Thomas More when I was training to be a teacher.


Us:  Would you ever consider moving to a different school?



Mrs Deller:  No I don’t want to teach at another school because I like teaching here.


Us: what is your favourite sport and why?


Mrs Deller: Running, because I love the fresh air and the open spaces I have also run lots of marathons 


Us: what about your family?


Mrs Deller: I have daughter and son and my daughter takes after me as she enjoys running but my whole family are fit and outdoorsy.


Us: what was your most embarrassing moment?


Mrs Deller: when I turned around to hug my husband and hugged a random man!


Us: What is your favourite colour?


Mrs Deller: Purple because it is the colour of the year five abacus textbook!


Us: And your favourite food?


Mrs Deller: Green chicken Thai curry   

An interview by Toby and Ben