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An Interview with Mr. Wallace

Us: Which year group would you like to teach and why?


Mr Wallace: I was lucky when I was starting to teach, I taught year 3, 4, 5 and 6 but the year group I would really like to teach would be year 6 because I could help in the next step of their education.


Us: Do you have any favourite children in year 6 or the whole school?


Mr Wallace: The whole school?! It’s very hard to pick as I like all the children. However, a long time ago Madie Parrish gave me a ‘THERES ONLY ONE MR WALLACE’ poster which I’ve still got. So I think of her every time I see it.


Us: If you went back in time and did your SATs again do you think you would do better or worse..?


Mr Wallace: I’d like to think I would do better. When I was at primary and secondary school, all my reports often said “Mr Wallace does very well at school, but could do better” If I went back to year 6, and secondary school, I wish I didn’t talk as much! J


Us: Would you tell yourself anything?


Mr Wallace: So would I give myself advice? I would listen more carefully and stop talking to my friends!


Us: If by magic you won £1,000,000 what would you spend it on?


Mr Wallace: £1,000,000! Well apart from giving some to my wife, I would love to spend it on going travelling. I would like to go to the safari! If there was any left, I would spend it on a special viewing box so I could watch RUGBY!!


Us: What was/is your nickname?


Mr Wallace: It has always been Wallace! Very few of my friends call me by my first name. My parents HARDLY EVER called me by my name they mainly called me ‘Wallace’! It’s always Wallace and I really like it! J


Us: Have you ever entered a competition and did you do well or not..?


Mr Wallace: I entered a competition when I was in primary school it was a raffle. I won a sack that you used as a Christmas stocking. It had a drawing of Santa on the front. I still have it now but I don’t use it now! I was about 9 or 10 when I entered.


Us: In school did you ever get detention, and if so what for?


Mr Wallace: I think at secondary I would have got a couple of detentions not a lot and they often were for bad things! Mostly it was for talking too much!


Us: What was your worst punishment?


Mr Wallace: The worst punishment is being to stand outside the head teachers office or at primary school was when I was naughty was going to stand on the wall which was where all teachers would walk past and they would give you another telling off! That wasn’t very much fun when I was at school.


Us: When you where younger did you have a favourite cartoon character?


Mr Wallace: Not character but characters I loved the ninja turtles!


Us: If you have a very funny joke can you tell us!?


Mr Wallace: Mr Hull teaches me most of the funny jokes!  What did the fish say when it swam into the wall? DAM!

By Aleyna and Marta