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An Interview with Mr. Lloyd

Mr. Lloyd has been working at KSJ since 2006. He teaches Year 6 and is the Science and Music co-ordinator.

Us: Do you like having a beard? and why? (Please note, Mr. Lloyd shaved his beard off before the photo was taken!)

Mr Lloyd: I do like having a beard because it keeps my face warm.

US: Will there ever be a boy or girl that can swim faster than a shark?

Mr Lloyd: (laughs) Did Mr Hull ask you to put that?!

US: Yes!

Mr Lloyd: No, but if you crash in a forest you can't survive by eating your own shoes.

US: What's your middle name? And is there a story behind it?

Mr Lloyd: I don't actually have a middle name story! When I asked
her about this, my mum always said, 'You can only use one at a time!'

US: Why did you become a teacher? and when did you make this decision?

Mr Lloyd: I decided before Christmas 2004. My mum was a teacher so I knew
what I was getting into. I think that I wanted to make a difference to my

US: If you had been born a female what name would your parents have given you?

Mr Lloyd: If I was a girl my name would be Natalie.

US: What was your first job? And did you like it?

Mr Lloyd: My first job was a kitchen hand and I worked 24 hours every
weekend, and I was only 15 years of age! Plus I hated it, I had to wash
dishes and mop the floor!

US: What's your favourite colour? And why do you like it?

Mr Lloyd: My favourite colour is red as, it's bright, fiery and passionate.

US: What do you do in your spare time?

Mr Lloyd: I read, go walking and play squash against Mr Johnson and beat
him every time! I also play the guitar and never watch TV.

US: If you could travel back in time who would you like to see?

Mr Lloyd: I think I would go to the Victorian times and meet Charles Darwin.

US: Plus do you like the movie Titanic and why?

Mr Lloyd: No it's cheesy and melodramatic and it's too long.

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By Georgie and Lucy