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An Interview with Mr. Johnson


Mr. Johnson has been working at K.S.J. since September 2007. He is the Inclusion manager and teaches Year 5. He is also a member of the Senior Management Team. We sent some Year 6 students to interview him.


Us: Are you looking forward to this immense interview?

Mr. Johnson : Yes, very much so.

Us: Firstly, how long have you been teaching altogether?

Mr. Johnson: In total, seven years.

Us: Why did you decide to teach at K.S.J.?

Mr. Johnson: Because I thought it was a very good school.

Us: What is your favourite subject and why?

Mr. Johnson: Maths because its likeable and easy to teach.

Us: What were your previous jobs?

Mr. Johnson: I was once a chef. I also worked in a youth club. I also used
to work in factories.

Us: Since you come from Nottingham, do you believe in Robin Hood and why?

Mr. Johnson: Yes because he was a local hero.

Us: What is your favourite meal?

Mr. Johnson: Any kind of pizza.

Us: What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in public?

Mr. Johnson: Driving down a one way street the wrong way

Us: Do you believe in ghosts and why?

Mr. Johnson: No because I’ve never seen one.

Us: Finally, what are you squeamish around and why?

Mr. Johnson: Mushrooms because they’re slimy.


Mr Johnson’s interview was carried out by Oliver and Tom