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An Interview with Mr. Boland


Mr. Boland is the Site Manager for both the Junior school and the Infant school. We sent two Year 6 pupils off to find out more about him (and improve their interviewing skills!)


 Us: Hello, so how long have you worked at KSJ?
 Mr Boland: It'll be 2 years in February.
 Us: Have you worked at other schools before and where?
 Mr Boland: I've worked at Blackwall Primary for about 7-8 years.
 Us: Do you like cleaning and mending or is it just your job?
 Mr Boland: I enjoy mending, the cleaning not too bad but I don't like cleaning  the toilets though!
 Us: What's so bad about cleaning the toilets ?
 Mr Boland: They're smelly, as you probably know!
 Us: What are your hobbies and what do you not like?
 Mr Boland: I like/enjoy wood turning but I don't like busy roads and impolite people!
 Us: Tell us more about why you like wood turning.
 Mr Boland:  I like it because you're actually creating things with your own hands, so when you finish you feel like
you really accomplished something!
 Us: That sounds fun! So, who is in your family?
 Mr Boland: There's my mum and Dad who live in Ireland and I've got a brother and  two sisters.
 Us: What do they work as?
 Mr Boland: Well my mum and Dad are retired but my Dad was a college lecturer and my Mum was a care assistant 
for old people, I'm not really sure what my brother and sisters do!
Us: What is the most frightening thing you've ever done?
Mr Boland: I abseiled off a bridge, that wasn't above water!
Us: How did you feel when you were abseiling? I would never do that!
Mr Boland: I don't blame you! But I was scared at the beginning but happy when I reached the bottom in one piece!
Us: When did you do this?
Mr Boland:  About 15 years ago .
Us: Have you got any close friends in the staff and who?
Mr Boland: I don't have any really close friends because i don't do stuff with them out of school but I get on with all the staff!
Us: What is your greatest ever achievement?
Mr Boland: Maybe when I abseiled down from the bridge because I conquered a fear! I didn't really achieve much at school probably because I didn't like school much!
Us: Where was the bridge?
Mr Boland: It was at the Pyrenees in France.
Us: Why were you in France?
Mr Boland: Because I worked as a youth worker and a homeless organisation and we took children and adults there.
Us: What did you want to be when you were at school?
Mr Boland: I didn't really know, it was a big and hard choice when I was 16.
Us: Who is your favourite comedian?
Mr Boland: It would have to be Jack D or Lee Evans.
Us: Why do you say Lee and Jack?
Mr Boland: Because they're totally different from each other and I think they're the funniest.
Us: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Mr Boland: I think I'll still be here because I enjoy it here!
Us: Where were you 5 years ago?
Mr Boland: I was working at Blackwall Primary and living at Billericay.
Us: Did you like working at Blackwall and were the children nice and helpful?
Mr Boland: I enjoyed it and the children were about the same as you lot.
Us: Are you glad you moved here and why?
Mr Boland:  I am glad I moved because I've met a lot more people!
Us: Thank you for your time!
Mr Boland: My pleasure!


Interviewed by Rachel and Lauma