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An Interview with Miss Walbanke

Miss Walbanke has been working at K.S.J. since September 2007. She teaches in Year 4 and is our International schools co-ordinator. She is also responsible for PSHE and the school council.


US: If you had £1 million, how would you spend it?

Miss. Walbanke: I would buy lots of clothes and a diamond necklace worth thousands.
To match my diamond ring.

US: Do you enjoy teaching here, if so why?

Miss. Walbanke: I really enjoy teaching here. Because everyone is very friendly and the children are a pleasure to teach. Do I get more points by saying that?

US: Erm.. No! Did you have any previous jobs? What were they?

Miss. Walbanke: At university I worked in Waitrose! (every Saturday) It was fun.

US: Were you a goodie Goodie at school or a bad girl and who was your best friend?

Miss. Walbanke: I was in between. Not a goodie goodie but not terrible. (I always did my homework) and I never had any detentions. I loved primary school better than High School. I had four best friends and we called ourselves the Famous Fives.

US: Did you have a favourite teacher at school? Who?

Miss. Walbanke: Ha, my favourite teacher at High School was Miss. Morse because she...erm... really liked me! I was her favourite.

US: What was your childhood dream?

Miss. Walbanke: I wanted to be a ballet dancer, maybe I will one day!

US: If you could get a new job what would it be?

Miss. Walbanke: I would be a W.A.G. (Wife and Girlfriend) of a footballer.

US: What was your most embarrassing moment?

Miss. Walbanke: At my graduation I fainted when everyone was having their photos taken and I had to be pushed out in a wheel chair.

Interview by Yining, Zoe and Jess