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An Interview with Miss. Spearpoint

Miss Spearpoint has been working at Katherine Semar Junior School since 2004. She has taught Year 5 and Year 3 classes and is in charge of Numeracy across the school. We sent two Year 6 journalists to interview her. This is what she had to say.

Us: Are you ready?

Miss. Spearpoint: Yes I am.

Us: Do you have any Brothers or Sisters?

Miss. Spearpoint: Yes, two older brothers

Us: Are you scared of any thing?

Miss. Spearpoint: I'm wary of strange and unfamiliar sounds because they are unexpected.

Us: Do you enjoy working at K.S.J.S?

Miss. Spearpoint: Yes, because both the children and staff are great to work with.

Us: Do you believe in Aliens?

Miss. Spearpoint: No, because they are just silly and made up.

Us: What is you favourite TV. show?

Miss. Spearpoint: I love Desperate Housewives because it's really funny.

Us: When is your birthday?

Miss. Spearpoint: It's in December, just before Christmas.

Us: Where is your home town?

Miss. Spearpoint: Hereford, which  is near Wales.

Us: Do you believe in ghosts?

Miss. Spearpoint: No.

Us: What is your favourite meal and why?

Miss. Spearpoint: Prawns. I love fish and cooking them.

Us: What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?

Miss. Spearpoint: When I fell over in front of my friends.

Us: Thank you for talking to us and good bye.