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An Interview with Miss Kelley

Miss. Kelley has been a teacher at Katherine Semar Junior School since 2006. We sent Zoe and Jessica to interview her.


US: Firstly, if you had 1 milllion pounds how would you spend it?
Miss Kelley: I would buy a big house with a swimming pool!

US: What is your favourite TV programme and why?
Miss Kelley: My favourite T.V. programme is CSI so I can see if I can solve the mystery before the CSI detectives!

US: Why are you leaving? Do you not like K.S.J.S? Or have you found somewhere better?
Miss Kelley: My family live far away, so I want to live closer, but I love K.S.J.S!

US: What was your childhood dream?
Miss Kelley: I wanted to be an Olympic swimmer.

US: What is your favourite colour?
Miss Kelley: Blue, I have lots of blue clothes!

US: Were you a goodie goodie at school or a bad girl?
Miss Kelley: I was a goodie goodie and a teacher's pet!

US: When and what was your most embarrassing moment?
Miss Kelley: Well, it was probably when I was pulled me out of the school in a wheelchair by some paramedics because I had hurt my back.

US: What is your favourite website?
Miss Kelley: Did Mr Hull ask you to put that?
US: Yes
Miss Kelley: Facebook then.

US: What do you do in your spare time?
Miss Kelley: I like to swim because it's very relaxing, also I read and exercise and watch TV.

US: Who was your best friend at school?
Miss Kelley: My best friend at school would have to be Aimee. She's getting married and we're still very close!

US: Are you inspired by anyone if so why?
Miss Kelley: That's a really hard question can we come back to that!

US: HA OK! Who is your favourite singer?
Miss Kelley: The kooks. They are very easy to listen to and I've seen them 2 times.

US: Thank you and good luck in your new school.

By Jess and Zoe