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Aims, Objectives and Ethos

School Aims:

At Katherine Semar Junior School, we aim to provide a positive learning experience for every individual. We take pride in the fact that our pupils are nurtured in a safe, enjoyable and respectful learning environment because everyone in our school matters.

  • •A school where everyone feels valued and respected
  • •A place with a warm, happy, calm, safe atmosphere where everyone enjoys learning and working together
  • •A school, which has learning and teaching at the heart of everything that it does
  • •An ethos which celebrates achievement and recognizes success
  • • A place which has consistently high expectations for all and where academic achievement is not the only measure of success
  • • The school is an integral part of the community where parents can be involved in school life doing the best for myself, my community and the world community.

The Outcomes for our Children should be:


  •  Children that are confident and highly motivated with a good self image who are fully involved in the life of the school
  • Children who think positively, who say, “I can…”
  •  Fulfilling potential, rewarding success
  • Children who behave well and who tolerate, care and support each other
  • Children who can think for themselves, who are open minded and have a love of learning and show initiative
  •  Lessons which take account of individual learning styles
  • Children who achieve to the best of their ability and fulfil their own potential
  • Children’s views represented in the organization of the school

Our Ethos:

  • Our Ethos, Curriculum, Working Practices and Environment should achieve these aims because:
  • Our ethos will value all children as individuals, raising self esteem whenever we can and creating a positive atmosphere through our interactions with the children and each other
  • Our curriculum will be broad, balanced and creative with many opportunities for first-hand experience. Teaching will take account of learning styles and all abilities. SATS will be important but so will the development of the whole child through the arts, and subjects such as PSHE
  • We will teach the children life-skills to equip them for tomorrow’s world.
  • We are a performing and effective team who support each other and work for the positive development of our children. We are open, honest and supportive of each other, setting positive examples to the children
  • Our environment will be attractive, calm, ordered, safe and stimulating. It will celebrate the achievements of the children and stimulate and support their learning. It will look bright, colourful and make an impact
  • We will continue to develop positive relationships with parents and the wider community