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6NL and 6AH visit the library

Thursday 4th March was World Book Day. As part of their celebration of reading and of literature, 6NL made hats and masks on the theme of the book being used in English at the moment: Chocolate Mousse For Greedy Goose by Julia Donaldson. They also took the opportunity to visit the town's Library. 6AH visited a week later, on Thursday 11th March.

Having enjoyed a brisk walk into Saffron Walden (during which we saw a Muntjack Deer wandering along the old railway line), the children discovered how to access the library's books, multimedia resources and computing facilities and also learnt all about the Dewey Decimal system which has been used for sorting and classifying books in libraries since 1876!

The children then had the opportunity to use this classification system to help them find books related to the 'Mountains' topic that they have been studying in school. The children all found this activity engaging and enjoyable.

As we left, the whole class commented on how useful and interesting the trip had been and how they planned to make much more use of the library and all it has to offer. Please enjoy our photos of the visit.