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Home Learning for 6.5.20

Nancy R, Okapi class
 Nellie working on her Science - classifying vertebrates - her dog Pippa
Today Nikola did science about animals and habitats
George from Orangutans
George's work
George Y5 Orangutans
Henry - Year 4, with a picture he has drawn of some animals in their habitat
Lucy (Y2, Arctic Wolves) with some of this week’s maths and English (twisted tale) work
Justin's work
Justin's maths
 Justin working hard
Holly & Daisy displaying their homemade bunting for VE Day
Florence W's parts of a plant
Oscar made an Elmer (Red Squirrels)
Noah has just finished his maths and now on to science!! (Year 5)
Leo with his tomato plant for science
The beginning of William's science cuttings project (Year 5)
Oliver, Polar bears, our new vegetable patch
Noah's home learning
Noah's home learning
Noah's home learning
Noah's home learning
Noah with his home learning
Tallulah working hard
Zach home learning
Tilly P's seed investigation
Daisy and her home learning
Georgia has enjoyed observing and measuring her sunflower seeds today
Gabriel’s labelled tomato plant
Gabriel learning to use a dictionary
We enjoyed science today, here is Edith drawing roots and Hazel drawing a tree
Seb did a mini project on Red foxes for Science today (Lynx)
Tom from Pumas science work
James has worked hard in his English and science this week
More of James C's work
James C's work
Leo (Polar Bear) drawing and labelling tomato plants!
Painted stones by Millie T
Lilly's maths
Lily has worked hard this week on her maths tally charts, tomato plants and hard spelling words
Lilly's tally chart
Lily's plant labelling
Sariyah from Polar Bears choice of country, which she enjoyed doing very much
Siena's spellings
Siena's work
Siena working hard (Year 3)
Siena’s spellings (Year 3)
Leo T doing his maths (Skylarks)
Archie's work
 Archie with his work
Archie M's work (Year 5)
Luke W with his work
Luke W's work (Orangutans)
Alice and her flashback phrase
Petra's weather diary
Alex's work from this morning (Skylarks)
Mia has worked really hard this morning!
Harry completing his Science with Mrs Archer
Joshua B doing his science project
 Faith has just finished making her VE Day bunting and here is a picture of her and the dog outside the house where she’s just put it up
Petra's spellings (Skylarks)
Aubergine, chilli salad by Fred
Fred enjoying the finished product! Delicious!
Ronnie colouring in his VE Day posters, ready to display in the window
Grace enjoying seeing the results of Mrs Archer's runner beans after 1 week
Louis T with his May Day picture
Louis T
Louis T with his work
Louis T with a word search
Louis T with his maths
Louis T with his handwriting
Bella T
Bella with her May Day picture
Bella's Dear Earth writing
Bella T with her maths
Elliott doing his handwriting
Science - Elizabeth digging up roots
Science - Elizabeth examines the roots she dug up
 Khushi doing school work with her online friend, Millie
Fran ready for another days home learning and her favourite lesson of the day “Maths with Dad”
Poppy (Dolphins) - Phoneme frames and rules when going into the woods
Thomas (Polar Bears) with his text map
Alexander (Grey Falcons) looking at roots for science
Fred chopping chilli for today’s lunch! He is being VERY careful not to rub his eyes!
Poppy Yr2 - My Traffic Survey, Tally Chart & Bar Graphs
Freya (Flame Robins), doing her science work, examining roots of plants
Freya (Flame Robins), doing her science work
Alexander (Grey Falcons) completing Maths questions
Petra (Skylarks) dancing doubles for Maths
Petra's maths (Skylarks)
Tilly working hard on her maths
Tilly making a pizza!
Tahlia's maths
Tahlia's work
Tahlia's handwriting
Petra's thank you to Captain Tom (Skylarks)
Petra's RE work (Skylarks)
Daisy D working on her maths
Holly D showing off her score on the daily espresso quiz
Finley W
Isla and Finley W
Isla W working hard
Work by Isla B