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5EW Making Pizzas

On Thursday 17th March, 5EW had a fantastic time making their own pizzas. In the morning, in groups, they made their pizza dough and learnt to knead and throw the dough. We all couldn’t believe how much the dough had risen after lunch- it was coming over the top of the bowls.
Once split into individual portions of dough, the children rolled it out into a circle which would fit their pizza box, (which they had measured out and then created from the net in a maths lesson previously). The children carefully organised their toppings on their pizza, along with a tomato passata mix and mozzarella, before they were baked in the oven. We all watched hungrily as the pizzas were packed into their take away boxes. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience (and their pizzas) and we hope the children make them for tea for you soon!