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4LW's Class assembly

Miss Walbanke’s Class Assembly


On Thursday 21st May Miss Walbanke’s (year 4) class presented their assembly to us - K.S.J.S. - and the children’s parents.


The assembly was about Henry the 8th and his 6 wives. The children presented it to us in a TV show style, (Was I really a bad husband?) with the hosts as Ruby H and Chloe S.


Firstly, they were introduced to us by Jade, who told us what the assembly was going to be about; additionally where the fire exits were.


Subsequently, we got introduced to the show and Henry by the two hosts with a small amount of information about him. As he walked on stage, half of the crowd booed and the other half applauded!


Henry (Mason) meets back up with his first wife-Catherine of Aragon- and she horribly comments on their (Henry and herself) marriage. They got divorced. Once we found out what happened to their marriage Henry’s second wife Anne Boleyn wanders on stage…


Anne, Victoria, also commented rudely spluttering out what horrible things had happened. When the comments had finished, we found out that Anne Boleyn unfortunately was beheaded.


Next, was Jane Seymour (played by Danielle) who died; like the others she didn’t produce a son then shortly after she passed away!



After that, Anne of Cleves came in so we could all find out that she got divorced just because Henry didn’t like her!


Wife number 5 was Anne Boleyn’s cousin called Catherine Howard (played by Hollie) who got beheaded because she could not produce a son.


Penultimately, Henry’s last wife. Catherine Parr (played by Sophie) looked after Henry until he passed away. She SURVIVED!


Ultimately, Henry got awarded a ‘Bad Husband’ award and the pattern goes: divorced, beheaded, and died, divorced, beheaded, and SURVIVED!

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