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4JA's class assembly

On Thursday 8th October 4JA performed their class assembly.


Firstly they introduced us to their History and R.E. topic Hinduism and India. They told us about Chembakolli a place in India. They are supported by a charity called Action Aid. Then they started talking about Diwali which is on October 17th. After a while they told us a story about a Prince called Rama.


Soon after they changed the subject and started talking about P.E. They showed us a dance (a dance they had made up about their topic Diwali).  They did several different dances e.g. Monkeys’ March and some more.


Near to the end they all sang a song about harvest time because soon it will be our harvest festival so we need to practice our harvest songs.


Last, but not least, we had our prayer.


By Charlotte B and Alice H (Year 6)



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