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4JA class assembly

On Thursday 25th June, Mrs Archer’s class preformed their class assembly to the whole school about: food chains in science and King Henry the VIII in History.


       In History Mrs Archer’s class were studying the Tudors and they played out the year 1542. The scene was set inside an inn. There were two boys (Connor and Lewis) who had just executed Catherine Howard (Henry the VIII’s fifth wife) and discussed who the next queen would be.

       The next scene – there was a “Blind Date” show were Henry the VIII would choose his next wife. The show was presented by Rowan. Henry (Lee) had a choice of three women - Beth (Lucy), Mary (Olivia) and Katherine (Julia).

       The women presented their well written speeches; lastly King Henry had to choose between all of the girls; he eliminated number one because he was afraid other people would love her as well, then number two because he was afraid that she would get him another baby. So it had to be Katherine Parr.

       Overall, the assembly was entertaining, informative and humorous. We could all see how well the children had been learning.

       The assembly finished with our school prayer. Well done 4JA!



By Lauma and Nicole.