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4CE Spring Assembly

The Vikings have landed!

On Tuesday 3rd March, 4CE took KSJ and their parents on a whistle-stop tour of the Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Norman timeline in their class assembly.

It began with the Vikings invading from Norway, Denmark and Sweden. We discussed what sort of foods would be suitable for the long journey across the North Sea to England and displayed photographs of our soup that we made.

We met Anglo-Saxon King Alfred and discovered how he became known as Alfred the Great. We also met Ethelred the Unready and Edward the Confessor and discovered that they were not very good kings.

The assembly continued towards a dramatic battle between William the Conqueror and Harold Godwinson in which the Normans won and thus the end of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking period of history.

Our favourite part was describing the gruesome Anglo-Saxon punishments for breaking the law.

Enjoy the photos.

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