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3CG's Class Assembly

3CG's Class Assembly - a recount by Lauma S (Year 6)


On Thursday 7th May, 3CG performed an amusing and interactive class assembly about: turning our world in to a greener place to live!

It was performed as a jam-packed play full of appealing facts - with many characters such as: Spud, Ali and many lovely woodland creatures. In addition to this, many helpers told interesting facts on how we can reduce: our carbon footprint, the amount of plastic we use, landfill sites (a big hole where all the waste that is unable to rot away is put) and how much electricity we use.

It was very enjoyable as well as being very informative! Enthusiastically, the children performed to the highest standard possible. Plus, the props were useful for us to picture how we could start to make the world a greener place.

Some of the facts the children shared with us were…

If anything is labelled with a fair-trade logo on any products it means that the farmer or maker of the product, which still has the same great taste, is getting paid fairly.

Fridges use less electricity if they are kept in a cold room. Therefore, they don’t have to work as hard to chill the food.

Only 1% of water is fresh water- the rest is sea water -99% of the fresh water is locked in the polar icecaps!

These are just a few of the amazing facts they presented confidently.


Overall, the assembly was PHENOMENAL; the children should be very proud of themselves as well as Mrs Graham and all the teachers that were involved. As the children have been at this school (Katherine Semar Junior School) for just under a year it is amazing how well they have settled in moreover they have learnt so much!

Please enjoy the photos...

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