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School Uniform

We expect parents to send their children to school in clothing which is practical and comfortable.  We feel, as do most parents, that the children benefit from wearing a uniform.  This gives a sense of unity and of belonging to the school.  We therefore recommend the following items of clothing. 



Polo Top
Polo Shirt   White - with school logo although a
White polo shirt without the logo is acceptable.   
Boys Trousers
Trousers Grey
Boys Round Neck Jumper
Pullover / Cardigan / Sweatshirt Navy - with school logo
Fleece Jacket
Fleece Jacket (optional) Navy - with school logo
Reversible Jacket
  Reversible Waterproof Jacket (optional)   Navy - with school logo
Infants Bookbag
  Bookbag (optional)  
Knitted Hat
 Knitted Hat with Logo (optional)  
Legionnaire Hat
 Legionnaire Hat (optional)  


Grey skirt
Skirt Grey
Girls Trousers
  Girls Trousers   Grey
Grey pinafore
  Pinafore Dress   Grey
Blue Gingham Dress
Summer Dress   Blue and white gingham  
Polo Shirt
Polo shirt White - with school logo although a
white polo shirt without the logo is acceptable.
Girls Cardigan
Cardigan Navy - with school logo
  Pullover / Sweatshirt   Navy with school logo
Fleece Jacket
Fleece Jacket (optional) Navy - with school logo
Reversible Jacket
  Reversible Waterproof Jackets (optional)  Navy - with school logo
  Bookbag (optional)  
Knitted Hat   Knitted Hat with logo (optional)  
Legionnaire Hat
    Legionnaire Hat (optional)


Katherine Semar Infant School P.E. Kit


The recommended wear for P.E. is a white t-shirt and navy shorts.  Baggy t-shirts and cycle shorts are not appropriate wear for P.E. 

Please ensure that your child has their P.E. kit in school each day. It would be helpful if the children could have a cloth bag in school to keep their P.E. kit in. The children do indoor P.E. in bare feet.  However, in the summer when they do P.E. outdoors they will need plimsolls or trainers in school.   

If your child has a verruca it must be covered by a plaster for P.E. lessons or if it is very painful they may wear plimsolls. 

For Health and Safety reasons the children are not allowed to do P.E. if they are wearing earrings.  

All clothing, including footwear, which may be removed in school, must be clearly named.  





All pupils are expected to wear black school shoes at school. Trainers are not permitted without a doctor's note (with the exception of PE lessons). In the rare event of shoes becoming lost or broken, please write a note to the class teacher explaining this and when you expect to replace them. Children who persist in wearing trainers to school, or regularly forget their shoes will be required to wear plimsolls throughout the school day.


Plimsolls are needed for indoor PE. If a pupil does not have plimsolls during an indoor PE lesson, they will complete the lesson with bare feet.

Katherine Semar Junior School P.E. Kit


Boys/Girls Sports T-shirt
Boys Sports Shorts
Boys/Girls Sports Top
Girls Skort
Girls Swimsuit
Boys/Girls Swim Cap


Hair Styles


Students may not dye their hair an UNNATURAL hair colour, and highlights/streaks and dip dyed ends are not allowed.
Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. It is important that long hair is well managed. No students may have their hair
cut shorter than a barbers’ number 2. Students breaking the hairstyle regulations may be educated away from their
class until their hair grows back or becomes a natural colour again.

Gray Palmers have a website which enables you to purchase school uniform over the website, which is: and


Our school uniform is now available from Tesco.  Please click on for more information.