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Meet the Governors

If you want to help your local school in a really important way, why not consider becoming a school governor. Being a school governor is
demanding but rewarding and a good way of putting something into your local community.

The governing body is responsible for working strategically with the school to ensure a good quality education. They make key decisions like
appointing the head teacher, and decisions which directly affect the direction of the school and well being of the children. School governors can
really make a difference in improving standards throughout the school.


A Governing Body of a School has three main roles in the school:  to be strategic, to act as a critical friend, and to be accountable for the schools
best interests financially and academically. 

The expectation of individual governors is to focus on raising standards to help every child achieve their potential, get to know the school and
become involved in school life and activities, and respect the professional expertise of the Head Teacher and Staff.  All new governors should
attend an induction course and follow ongoing training and development for their individual roles. 

We all lead busy lives but the meetings are held approximately three times a term so can be fitted in to most schedules, and with the odd hour to
play an active part in school life to support the school with your own expertise as much as possible. 

If you would like further information about becoming a school governor, please visit or leave your name and
telephone number with the School Office and I will contact you. 

Nick Osborne
Chair of Governors


Meet The Governors:

Picture 1 Nick Osborne - Chair of Governors
Picture 2 Rachel Callaghan
Picture 3 Julie Puxley
Picture 4 Robin Laidlaw
Picture 5 Paul Sinnott
Picture 6 Peta Torrance
Picture 7 Stewart Herd
Picture 8 Alison Barker
Picture 9 Julie Hall
Picture 10 Julie Platten
Picture 11 Polly Lankester
Picture 12 Anthony Hull
Picture 13 Sue Armitage
Picture 14 Sonia Sault
Picture 15 Georgia Slade
Picture 16 Ruth Whitlam
Picture 17 Amanda Thomas
Picture 18 Mary Shiel
Picture 19 Kirsty Rowlandson
Picture 20 Ujjwal Bharadwaj
Picture 21 Jo Beckett